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A szervezők hosszas vita után döntöttek úgy, hogy elhalasztják a Tajvanon idén március 12-15. közöttre tervezett Nemzetközi Hajókiállítást. A nehéz döntés hátterében a COVID-19 koronavírus járvány kitörése áll. A szervezők ugyanakkor határozott üzenetben biztosítják az érdeklődőket arról, hogy az események nem befolyásolják a tajvani cégekkel folytatott kereskedelem biztonságát vagy minőségét, és arra bátorítják a vásárlókat, hogy látogassanak el a szigetre.

A TAITRA szervezésében megvalósuló kiállításnak már keresik az új időpontját. Erről és az aktuális hírekről az esemény weboldalán tájékozódhatnak az érdeklődők.

A közlemény eredetije, valamint a tajvani hatóságok járványellenes tevékenységéről és kapcsolódó innovatív termékekről szóló további információ lejjebb görgetve olvasható!

The 2020 Taiwan International Boat Show Has Been Postponed

After much discussion between the organizers and the related stakeholders, the 2020 Taiwan International Boat Show, previously scheduled for March 12 to 15 at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center has been postponed. Despite this postponement, TAITRA will coordinate its 63 international branch offices to invite buyers to visit Taiwan and send out a firm message to ensure confidence in the safety and quality to be expected when trading with Taiwanese companies.

Being known around the world as the “Kingdom of the Yacht”, the Taiwan International Boat Show is the signature trade show for the industry, and attracts many globally-renown yacht brands and buyers to the event.

The outbreak of the Novel coronavirus led the organizers to make the difficult decision to reschedule the March 2020 edition of the event . The above mentioned trade show implemented by TAITRA and co-organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. Taiwan and Kaohsiung City Government will jointly announce the new exhibition dates as soon as possible.     

In these uncertain times, TAITRA stands together with Taiwanese industry and government to stabilize global confidence in Taiwan as the benchmark for sourcing quality and innovation. TAITRA will continue to organize several economic and trade development activities.

TAITRA will pull together and get through this difficult period to enjoy an even bigger, better and more successful than ever Taiwan International Boat Show in nearly future. The new dates, and all other latest updates will be posted on the Taiwan International Boat Show Website.

Taiwan Excellence award-winning anti-epidemic products to fight global COVID-19 outbreak

Taiwan's medical care system has been widely recognized globally for its exceptionally high standards of public health and epidemic prevention networks, and also for its medical products. Exports from Taiwan’s medical device industry reached approximately US$3.3 billion in 2019, and is expected to be in the top 20th in export value in the world.

In 1993, Taiwan’s government established the Taiwan Excellence Awards, and award-winning products represent the very best of Taiwan’s most outstanding products, selected through a vigorous competition process that focuses on products which offer quality, design and innovation for customers.

This year, there are 37 winners for Taiwan Excellence Awards in the medical related category. The following are among the most popular and bestselling epidemic prevention products in Taiwan:

– Infrared non-contact forehead temperature thermometer

The Microlife non-contact thermometer NC 200 enables taking an accurate measurement automatically within 5 cm.

– Smallest, filterless, personal air purifier

LUFT Cube filterless SPP nanotech neutralizes pollutants, viruses and bacteria around you.

– Eleclean disinfectant sprayer

A portable sterilizing device that eliminates bacteria and viruses.

– 254 UVC disinfection robot system

A robot that applies ultra violet light for sterilization.

For more quality Taiwan health & precision products from Taiwan Excellence, please see.

Additionally, Medical Taiwan, a medical, health & care expo, is to be held on Jun 21-23 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2.

***As of today, Monday Feb 17, the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in a total of 71, 405 confirmed cases reported worldwide. As of writing, a total of 20 confirmed cases were found in Taiwan, with 1 of the confirmed cases deceased, 2 cases fully recovered and released from hospital, and the remaining 17 in a stable condition and on the way to a full recovery. The risk of infection to international travelers within Taiwan is considered low to minimal.

**The latest reports state that the number of total confirmed cases in China, including Hong Kong (57) and Macau (10), is 70,683, followed by a cruise ship currently in international conveyance (355), Singapore (75), Japan (66), Thailand (35), Republic of Korea (29), Malaysia (22), Taiwan (20), Germany (16), Vietnam (16), Australia (15), United States of American (15), France (12), UK (9), UAE (9), and Canada (8).

Taiwan’s high-tech safeguards protect the public from the global Covid-19 outbreak

Amid the growing number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infections globally, Taiwan has been effective in curbing the outbreak by moving swiftly to deploy necessary precautions to ensure public health and safety.

A recent example of how Taiwan has leveraged its IT expertise involves the coordination of health and travel data. In an effort to identify citizens with or at risk of having the Coronavirus, Taiwan has pioneered and implemented a cloud system to connect its citizens’ health insurance or identity cards with customs data on travel histories. By accessing this data via health insurance cards, Taiwanese doctors can immediately check the patient's travel contact history to help the doctors to more precisely diagnose and treat patients with flu-like symptoms and offer them the best medical care.  

Another example of the proactive effort involves measures to prevent the hoarding of surgical masks. To help all citizens acquire facial masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the government rapidly stockpiled all masks in Taiwan and enforced a real-name purchase policy that only allows people to purchase a limited number of masks in one week. Mobile phone apps have also been quickly developed to let citizens know where masks are available for purchase and how many are left in stock.

Taiwan’s government wasted no time to work closely with health and immigration services as well as the domestic IT industry to effectively control and limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

***As of today, Friday Feb 14, the outbreak has reached a total of 64,437 confirmed cases reported worldwide. As of writing, Taiwan has a total of 18 confirmed cases, none of which were community-acquired cases, and no new confirmed cases have been reported since Feb 9. Moreover, one of the confirmed cases has fully recovered, and the remaining 17 are on the way to a full recovery and are in stable condition. The risk of infection to international travelers within Taiwan is considered low to minimal.

**The latest reports state that the number of total confirmed cases in China, including Hong Kong (53) and Macau (10), is 63,962, followed by a cruise ship currently in international conveyance (218), Singapore (58), Thailand (33), Japan (33), Republic of Korea (28), Malaysia (19), Taiwan (18), Germany (16), Vietnam (16), Australia (15), United States of American (15), and France (11), UK (9), UAE (8), and Canada (7).

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